Star Wars Squadrons & MFPLAT.DLL Missing, Screen & Joystick issues

Star Wars Squadrons & MFPLAT.DLL Missing, Screen & Joystick issues I've just installed Star Wars Squadrons via Steam, being a huge fan of X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter etc... The nasty surprise came very quick, MFPLAT.DLL is missing from my system with the following message :  "the code execution cannot proceed because mfplat.dll was not found" then I got Graphic Drivers issues, Screen resolution issues, Joystick issues... I'm explaining here how to fix these issues. MFPLAT.DLL issue (there's still a long way to go for Microsoft ecosystem to have something useful and intuitive. This should be transparently fixed for the user) I've got a "Windows 10 Pro N" without the Media Feature Pack, and that's apparently what's missing. Detailed instructions from Microsoft can be found here : Basically :  Type the windows key In the search

Install & Configure OpenHab on Synology with Docker + F454 Bticino bus

Here's the steps I've followed to install OpenHab and make it work with my Bticino/Legrand F454 bus Original Google document :

Upgrade Slimframework v3 to v4, how I did it

Here is an article that details my path to upgrade to Slimframework v3 to v4. I'm developing on my freetime an application that manage the fundraising of the French Red Cross, and I'm updating a lot of frameworks to their last version (AngularJS to Angular 8/9 is my big next move). You can find the project sources here : There’s quite a lot of breaking changes involved, feature removed in profit to external frameworks, the upgrade documentation is quite minimal, but you must read it to understand what's changing : This article is not well redacted, it’s just a log of what I did to achieve the upgrade, but I feel it may help some, so here we are ;) What I've read to perform the upgrade I’ve read theses article to help the transition to the 4.x