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Gears on linux x64 ...

gmail, google docs and google calendar now offers offline support with google Gears ! Great... but... Gears is not available for x64 linux... I've ask the google support for a release date of an official x64 build... but meanwhile, I've found (yes... google is my friend) this blog : that gives a x64 build of gears that actually works ;) Great ! Btw, I can understand that one loves Yahoo! webmail which is great, but Microsoft Live mail... seriously... it's ugly, slow, so poor in functionality... why use it when you have access to an awesome webmail like gmail?? ;) Update : new version of the x64 version is available on niespeen blog ( version (instead of the version proposed by the firefox updater))

Limit the upload bandwidth of your apache webserver with mod_bw

I've a server at home on a ADSL connection which has 100kBytes/s of upload and 1.2MBytes/s of download as bandwidth. If someone download at full speed some large file on my web server, my internet connection become unusable. To avoid this, I start to ask my friends to use a download manager to limit their download speed... but it's somewhat far too tricky for a lot of them... So I use mod_bw developed by Ivan Barrera (sourceforge : ). Here is a quick way to limit the bandwidth used by Apache : Install & enable (on Ubuntu): sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-bw sudo a2enmod bw Configure (your apache virtualhost conf file like /etc/apache2/sites-available/default) : <virtualhost *:80> #... other config stuf for the virtual host BandWidthModule On ForceBandWidthModule On BandWidth 0 BandWidth all 80000 </virtualhost> Explaination : line 1 : Activate the mod for the virtualhost. line 2 : Set a