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Open ssh connection through proxy with NTML authentication

Here is the explanation of how to pass a ssh connection through a proxy that use NTLM authentication protocol (cryptographic authentication) instead of a plain login/password authenication. First follow the steps describes here : Next we have to deal with NTLM authentication. Putty do not know how to talk with proxy that use NTML authentication, so we need a soft that will handle the authentication and encapsulate the network packet. To do that we'll use cntlm which is a port of an unix programms using cygwin (no need to make a insall of cygwin though...). Once you unzip the files, edit the configuration file cntlm.ini You have to change 4 values : login: Your Windows login name domain: Your domain name You can get theses information by hitting CTRL+ALT+SUPPR, a window display and in the first fieldset you can see something like "Thomas Manson has opened a session as DOMAIN\LOGIN" proxy u