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Using a PC Keyboard layout on Mac OS X Mavericks

I've switched to Mac at the beginning of this year, and the one thing that did annoy me the most is the keyboard layout... I know by heart the PC keyboard, I can type and code without watching the keyboard or the screen. Now I'm using a Mac and VMware Fusion to run Linux or Windows images and when you're in the virtual machine, the keyboard layout switch from Mac to PC layout...  It was just a nightmare as the two keyboard layout are close except on the special characters so useful to developers ({[]}) \/!- etc... Until now, I used PCKeyboardHack and KeyRemap4Macbook  that allow me to have almost a PC Keyboard layout on my Mac and I thank them very much for that ! With the Mavericks update, which is free from the App Store , I've notice a French Flag in the upper right corner of my screen... So I did click on it, then click on "Open Keyboard Preferences", by curiosity I clicked on "+" on the lower left corner to add a keyboard layout... I