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How to remove a windows update

here is how you should proceed to uninstall the an update : (here KB936357 ) Insert you windows XP CD (any version) in your CD Rom drive, boot, use your boot Menu or go into your bios to choose your CD Rom drive as first boot device Boot on the CD (hit enter to boot on the CD) If you're using RAID 0 or RAID 1 for your C drive Hit F6 to specify an additionnal driver when it tells you so in the bottom dark blue line wait that windows loads all it's stuff Insert your floppy disk with raid driver on it hit S choose all line marked as "Required" (by repeating the S thing many time) then hit enter to continu normal boot Hit R to repare an existing window installation Choose the windows home directory (usually c:\windows but can be different for entreprise installation or nerds PC ;) enter the windows Administrator password you get the command line, now, type the following command : cd $NtUninstall KB936357 $/spuninst batch spuninst.txt For me it print on the screen the foll

Developping with googleMaps everywhere with the same licence id

When you want to use google maps on a website, you need to signup and get a key for the internet domain name that will use google Maps. When your developing your googleMaps feature, it's not on the production site with the final url. (At least... I hope it's not so ;) And you may code some google feature for several sites, and all these sites, you often code it on your computer with a local Apache/Php or Tomcat server. So in you html (jsp, php, asp whatever) page you'll include the following code to have access to the google maps feature. <!-- google map --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> A simple trick, is to request a key for a fake domain here : Let's say, for "http://toms-projects" Get the key, put it in your html code, and then edit your etc/hosts file. (/etc/hosts on linux, c:\windows\system32\

Spring Transaction support with JDBCTemplate and Java 1.5 Annotation

Here is quick tutorial to enable transaction in a Spring project using JdbcTemplate and Java 1.5 Annotations. I'm using Spring 2.5.2, Java 1.6. (it should work with Spring 1.2 and Java 1.5 too, considering this blog post, which also gives some usefull info for people new to transaction with Spring ) for example , as simply as this : @Transactional (propagation=Propagation.REQUIRED, rollbackFor=Exception.class) public Intervention createEmptyIntervention(int idRegulation) throws Exception { //...jdbc Code } Let's begin with the beginning, applicationContext.xml : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns= "" xmlns:xsi= "" xsi:schemaLocation= ""> <bean class=&q