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Full Screen Editor for thanks to Greasemonkey

The blogger editor to write a new post on your blog is damn small... and on my 24" screen, it's even more sad... all this space wasted... I know Greasemonkey for a while and I search scripts that would increase the editor size (if I hadn't found it, I would have wirtten it!) And i've found one that works perfectly well here : by You don't know Greasemonkey yet... ? It's a must-have ! In short, it's a firefox plugin that allows you to inject custom javascript files into any web page to add some functionnality. more info here: Get firefox : Get Greasemonkey plugin : Get the Blogger Script : (click on "install this script" on the upper right corner) Get more scripts here : Other usefull plugin for f

Open a SSH connection through an http proxy and dig tunnels :)

I'm working for an IT Services & Software Engineering company, and I often work for some time (3 months to a year) by the client company's office... And often, I'm behind a ****ing proxy that filters http request, provide antivirus analysis etc.. Useful for the company securtity and efficiency, but really borring for me. Those proxy allows http (tcp/80) and https (tcp/443) connections and nothing else... So no tcp/22 for SSH, and I miss it really much for many reasons. So here is what to do, to get an SSH connexion to a linux box. But beware that doing that will certainly break the security contract you signed when you enter the company. Doing that allow you to bypass the content filtering and security. And you could be fired for that... This blog post will show you how to bypass an http proxy with a basic authentication. The following post will show you a way to bypass a proxy with NTLM authentication mecanism. Server configuration You're a geek like me, so you hav

Remote Desktop Client with Windows 2000

At one of my client office, their computers runs under windows 2000. I needed to access a windows 2003 server with a RDP Client. Windows 2000 does not have mstsc.exe installed, but the one for windows XP works well with windows 2000. Terminal Services Client comes in two versions, 5.1 & 6. The 6 needs a Genuinue Advantage validation (I didn't try but I don't think ti's possible under windows 2000 to have this validation), but the 5.1 here : don't ! Run the installer, click next until the end and then WindowsKey+R, type mstsc et voila !

Set up a secondary Domain Name Server with bind9 on a ubuntu linux

On my spare time, I manage the technical subjects of a small webagency i've created with a friend when I was in my second year of Engineer school. It's named . Tonight I dig the secondary (slave) DNS server subject. Until now, we used a DNS server from our registar as DNS backup. But as we grow, we need more servers and a secondary DNS of our own is becomming handy. We've rent a dedibox from the ISP (a server for 30€/month : via 2Ghz, 2Go Ram, 160Go HDD, 5Go of monthly backup). I choosed ubunty feisty server (7) among all OS available (many linux flavour and some windows) So here is how I set up my secondary domain name server on my ubuntu server with bind9. Let's say the domain of the primary name server is ( The secondary will be : ( And the domaine we'll want to be handle by both servers is ( Give your secondary server a domain name T