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How to get rid of Windows Restart notification after installing updates

Windows XP is (reeaallyy) often updated for security reasons, and after installing these updates, you have to restart your computer... (Linux doesn't have this flaw !) But I always want to postpone this restart because I'm working on my computer (really :op) and I've a lot of things open (Eclipse, RSA(sadely), Firefox with loads of tabs etc...) So, once the update installation is finished, I click the 'Close' button instead of 'Restart Computer' button... and from this moment on I'll get disturb every 10 minutes or so with a popup that steal the focus of the application I'm working on... and really... it pisses me off ! It's annoying and can be dangerous for your work, as sometimes I was just about to click in the area where the restart button is when the popup suddenly appears, which make restart the computer while I had some unsaved editors open or something else at work... grrrrr.... So what's the solution to that ? A crack, registry hac