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Star Wars Squadrons & MFPLAT.DLL Missing, Screen & Joystick issues

Star Wars Squadrons & MFPLAT.DLL Missing, Screen & Joystick issuesI've just installed Star Wars Squadrons via Steam, being a huge fan of X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter etc...The nasty surprise came very quick, MFPLAT.DLL is missing from my system with the following message : "the code execution cannot proceed because mfplat.dll was not found"then I got Graphic Drivers issues, Screen resolution issues, Joystick issues...I'm explaining here how to fix these issues.MFPLAT.DLL issue(there's still a long way to go for Microsoft ecosystem to have something useful and intuitive. This should be transparently fixed for the user)I've got a "Windows 10 Pro N" without the Media Feature Pack, and that's apparently what's missing.
Detailed instructions from Microsoft can be found here : : Type the windows keyIn the search field, type &…