Friday, 25 January 2008

Full Screen Editor for thanks to Greasemonkey

The blogger editor to write a new post on your blog is damn small... and on my 24" screen, it's even more sad... all this space wasted...

I know Greasemonkey for a while and I search scripts that would increase the editor size (if I hadn't found it, I would have wirtten it!)

And i've found one that works perfectly well here :

You don't know Greasemonkey yet... ?

It's a must-have !

In short, it's a firefox plugin that allows you to inject custom javascript files into any web page to add some functionnality.

more info here:

Get firefox :
Get Greasemonkey plugin :
Get the Blogger Script :
(click on "install this script" on the upper right corner)
Get more scripts here :

Other usefull plugin for firefox : ad block plus (prevents ads from beeing displayed), firebug (a developer plugin), yslow(a plugin for firebug (which is a firefox plugin))


DS said...


I found your site, it mentioned how to increase the size of the EDITOR to full screen. Thanks for the tip, but I was looking at ways to have to option to READ THE TEXT OF THE BLOG IN FULL SCREEN. By accident i downloaded a video that made all my blogs read in full screen, and I like that AS AN OPTION for the reader. Do you, by any chance, know how to do that, if there is a plug-in for that? I already have greasemonkey and firefox. Thank you very much, DS

Manson Thomas said...

No, I don't know a plugin that allow to read blogs in fullscreen.

(an hard task as html structures and elelments id may vary a lot from one blog to another)

Tim Harper said...

DS: have you tried an RSS reader? Many blogs publish the raw article html in their feeds... its a default I believe for blogger. Therefore an RSS reader with fullscreen support seems like it'd be useful.