Convert your CVS repository to GIT

While I was on sick list, this last two week, I've search to get away from the venerable CVS and it's painful merge capabilities. (Also I was curious to try something else).

Here is how I converted my CVS repository to git :

Install GIT :
sudo apt-get install git-core git-cvs

Install cvs for the conversion :

sudo apt-get install cvs cvsps

Get the CVS repository backup ( a tar jcf of the cvs root dir) :
mkdir ~/temp/cvs2git
cd ~/temp/cvs2git
scp root@ .
tar jxf 20081006_ibay_cvs.tar.bz2

Launch the conversion :

export CVSROOT=/home/thomas/temp/cvs2git/cvs/files

git cvsimport -C /home/thomas/temp/cvs2gitOutput/crf-irp           crf-irp
git cvsimport -C /home/thomas/temp/cvs2gitOutput/crf-irp-model     crf-irp-model
git cvsimport -C /home/thomas/temp/cvs2gitOutput/crf-irp-monitor   crf-irp-monitor
git cvsimport -C /home/thomas/temp/cvs2gitOutput/crf-irp-portail   crf-irp-portail
git cvsimport -C /home/thomas/temp/cvs2gitOutput/crf-irp-utilities crf-irp-utilities

It worked perfectly.

There's an eclipse plug-in for GIT, the install site is

But it's not working well enough to be used. Also its development seems to have stalled.

That's why I tried Bazaar... but that's for another post.


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