Thoughs about Facebook

Today I've converted one of my friends to Facebook...

This lead me to think about why I like Facebook so much and why I think it's awesome :

Basic facts :
  1. It allows you to keep in touch with your acquaintance, see what's happening in their lives without actually spying them ;)
  2. Give updates about you in the same way.
  3. Use some useful apps like 'Birthday Calendar' that help you not to forget you're friends birthday ;)
  4. Get in deeper touch with some friends of your friends that you find utterly interesting in a way far less obvious than like website ;)
    You can be helped with some apps like 'Flirtable' or 'Are YOU Interested'
  5. Still on this friends and/or flirt side, when you go back from holidays and want to keep in touch, it's far easier to retrieve somebody with Facebook than exchanging email, or worse... postal address...
  6. And again, you can force your lover to put 'In relationship with you' on their information page, so that everybody knows you're off the market :oP
  7. Retrieve some old acquaintance... I've been retrieved by a girl of high school on whom I had a big crush at this time. It was really nice to chat again with this lovely person who is now married and mother of a child and live in south of france... (too bad for me;)
  8. Make some advertising to your friends of project you're doing. My brother in law launches an independant music label and use Facebook to advertise on event of his group... quite a nice way to do it.
  9. There's loads of apps on which you can spent really lot of time when you're bored...
  10. For the geek that I am, I can see some really nice idea used on this website... (Ok, that doesn't interest that many people...)

Deeper thoughts : Some of the things that happen on Facebook makes you feel worthwhile, and that's probably why Facebook is so popular.
  1. Seeing people reacting to you're Status update/photos and other activities make you feel important
  2. How important you are: you have soooo much friends !
  3. Being able to show the world you're belief by subscribing to some Cause like fighting AIDES, increase this feeling of being worthwhile.
  4. In some other minor and funny way, subscribe to some 'stupid' groups like 'I'd Throw A Shoe At G.W. Bush If I Could...' or 'My Friends Are Getting Married. I'm Just Getting Drunk.' shows some of your interest and feeling.

Also, Facebook can be dangerous as one may not weight the consequence of what they are doing on Facebook :
  1. Inviting you're immediate superior of work would be generally a mistake...

    What happen in your private life, should remain private for them.
    If you have to have them as friend (so that they won't be upset by a refusal), you should specify some specific privacy settings for them so that they can't read your status update, photo of you...

    What if you want to say : 'I'm fucking bored of my work, and want to change of it' or 'I was totally drunked all the week end long...'. Or you're tagged in some funny situation in some photos...
    Well, this might have some unexpected consequences at work.

    Also if you're too talkative on your issues on Facebook status, and you're a manager (or something like this), these facts can weaken you're position at work : hey... no you're not the flawless/indestructible person everybody think you are... I've read some stories about sharing private things at work that ends this way...
  2. Don't forget with Facebook you're publishing your life to earth (well... that part wealthy enough to have access to Facebook). Every time you do something, think 'Do I really want everybody to know that [picture/text etc...]
  3. All your friends has Facebook to... when you go at party... Digital Camera works a lot... For 2009 new year's eve, we were 6, we took near 500 photos... Photo is cheap... but some can be embarrassing... So... yes... you now must behave at party ;)
  4. Little annoying : Generate bunch of mail alert... you'd better to create a filter in gmail that archive Facebook mail so that it doesn't spoil your inbox. (gmail is just the best webmail client ever created...)

But still.... Facebook is awesome and I really love it.


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