Get up to date nvidia graphical drivers on laptop

I've recently reinstalled my SONY VAIO laptop (VGN-SZ71E/B) with Windows 7 (with dual boot with Ubuntu 9.10, see this howto from lifehacker).
When I try to install the last nvidia drivers I get this error :

"nVidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

So I tried the driver finder from nvdia download page, which one told me that the manufacturer (i.e. SONY) requires that the driver should be downloaded from their website.

So I get to the Sony support page to get their last driver... I was a bit disappointed by the experience :
They only propose the original driver which is as old as prehistory (November 2007) and 32bit while my windows 7 is 64bit.

After a google search, I've found laptopvideo2go website which provide a decently recent drivers (v190, July of 2009, while the last from nvidia is v195) and a modified INF file that allow the driver to install on your laptop.

Go there :

They ask for an Hardware Id to allow you to download the correct driver.

You can find this string in the device manager, to get their,
  • hit "windows key"+ pause, 
  • then click the "device manager" link in the upper left corner of the window. 
  • Then go to the "Display adapter" double click on the graphic card (mine was named something like "standard vga graphics adapter" before I install the nvidia driver), 
  • then click on the "details" tab, 
  • set the combo box to "Hardware Ids", 
  • and you'll have the required information :

(for me, first field : 0427, second field : 9008104D)

Fill the field, choose your system, click the search button, click on the latest version of the driver,
on the next page, click "Click here to download driver and INF files." link.
At the end of the next page, there is 2 links :
  1. "Click here to download the requested driver."
  2. "Click here to download the modified INF file."

The first will give you a 7Zip auto extractible archive and the second link will give you the modified nv_disp.inf file.

Double click the exe file to extract it somewhere, replace the nv_disp.inf file from the extracted drivers, run the setup, reboot and It's done, a recent nvidia driver on your laptop.

Thanks to for their work !


Unknown said…
Thank you, been looking all over the internet for a fix for this! Worked perfectly, thank you!!

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