Using a PC Keyboard layout on Mac OS X Mavericks

Hopefully they don't sell it... I've switched to Mac at the beginning of this year, and the one thing that did annoy me the most is the keyboard layout...

I know by heart the PC keyboard, I can type and code without watching the keyboard or the screen.

Now I'm using a Mac and VMware Fusion to run Linux or Windows images and when you're in the virtual machine, the keyboard layout switch from Mac to PC layout...  It was just a nightmare as the two keyboard layout are close except on the special characters so useful to developers ({[]}) \/!- etc...

Until now, I used PCKeyboardHack and KeyRemap4Macbook that allow me to have almost a PC Keyboard layout on my Mac and I thank them very much for that !

With the Mavericks update, which is free from the App Store, I've notice a French Flag in the upper right corner of my screen... So I did click on it, then click on "Open Keyboard Preferences", by curiosity I clicked on "+" on the lower left corner to add a keyboard layout...

I was dreaming of a PC layout, so I just type "PC" in the search field and it shown a list of Flag, French one included... I clicked on the French and Houurraaaaa it's a PC Keyboard layout...

So I clicked on Add and I was now able to switch to this PC keyboard :

 And the good thing is that I don't need to switch back to the original Mac Keyboard layout in VM Ware Fusion :)

EDIT : I'm using Quartz to have an X11 server on Mac, to be able to launch linux graphical application remotely... and it appears for some reason that it do not uses the "PC" Version, annoying when you try to type a password in a graphical application ;)


RR said…
Parfait, exactly what I was looking for.
Merci !
RR said…
Parfait !
Tks, Merci !

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