Stellaris and AZERTY Keyboard

Paradox Interactive did a great job with Stellaris Game, as you may read on internet.
So I did spent 40€ for the game, and I was unpleasantly surprised that AZERTY Keyboard are not supported... WTF in 2016 !!! In 1995 we had configurable key binding and probably before that... (Can't remember).

I've search a bit and couldn't find an Out Of The Box solution, so here is a step by step instruction.

  1. Go to the AutoHotkey Homepage.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Run akh-install.exe to install AutoHotkey
  4. Right click on your desktop, New, "AutoHotkey", name it "Stellaris AZERTY.ahk"
  5. Copy paste the script below : 
     #SingleInstance Force  
     #MaxHotkeysPerInterval 99999  
     ;start game  
     Run, "steam://rungameid/281990"  
     ;"fix" keys  
     ;#IfWinActive ahk_class stellaris  
  6. Save
  7. Right click on the .ahk file and click "Compile".
    This will create an executable file of the name of the script, that will run Stellaris.
  8. Launch "Stellaris azerty key bindings.exe" to launch the game in AZERTY mode

Note :
  • Run, "steam://rungameid/281990" :  to get this, you just need to right click, properties on the Stellaris shortcut from Steam.
  • IfWinActive, uncommenting and setting the proper keyword (like Stellaris) would limit the keybinding to the Stellaris game.
    With this commented, the keybinding are changed for the whole system, and you have to kill the "Stellaris azerty key bindings.exe" process to revert back.
    I'll test later, for now, I want to play ;)
  • It only change zqwa keys for now, I'll update the script if more is needed


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