How to remove a windows update

here is how you should proceed to uninstall the an update : (here KB936357 )

  1. Insert you windows XP CD (any version) in your CD Rom drive, boot, use your boot Menu or go into your bios to choose your CD Rom drive as first boot device

  2. Boot on the CD (hit enter to boot on the CD)

  3. If you're using RAID 0 or RAID 1 for your C drive

    1. Hit F6 to specify an additionnal driver when it tells you so in the bottom dark blue line
    2. wait that windows loads all it's stuff
    3. Insert your floppy disk with raid driver on it
    4. hit S
    5. choose all line marked as "Required" (by repeating the S thing many time)
    6. then hit enter to continu normal boot

  4. Hit R to repare an existing window installation
  5. Choose the windows home directory (usually c:\windows but can be different for entreprise installation or nerds PC ;)
  6. enter the windows Administrator password
  7. you get the command line, now, type the following command :

cd $NtUninstallKB936357$/spuninst
batch spuninst.txt

For me it print on the screen the following (approximative, translate from french):

File not found
1 file copied
1 file copied
1 file copied

And it gives the hand back.

I reboot by typing 'exit', and the update has gone.


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