Developping with googleMaps everywhere with the same licence id

When you want to use google maps on a website, you need to signup and get a key for the internet domain name that will use google Maps.

When your developing your googleMaps feature, it's not on the production site with the final url. (At least... I hope it's not so ;)
And you may code some google feature for several sites, and all these sites, you often code it on your computer with a local Apache/Php or Tomcat server.

So in you html (jsp, php, asp whatever) page you'll include the following code to have access to the google maps feature.

<!-- google map -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>

A simple trick, is to request a key for a fake domain here :

Let's say, for "http://toms-projects"

Get the key, put it in your html code, and then edit your etc/hosts file.
(/etc/hosts on linux, c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)

and edit the line to       localhost toms-projects

As all system, by default, query the /etc/hosts file before making a DNS query,

toms-projects will be located at by the machine dns client, and thus point to your local website.

And google sees the api key used for the toms-projects domain.

And everything works.

Even better,

you may register directly the final domain key, let's say

and edit you /etc/hosts in the same way :       localhost

It will work as well, but beware, as long as you /etc/hosts file will be configured that way, will be your computer !


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