Default windows 'temp' directory prevents Oracle Universal Installer to launch

Today I was by a client to proceed on a delicate TIBCO iProcess upgrade, and I encounter a strange issue : Oracle Universal Installer ( or won't launch.

If you watch in process explorer, you can see a java process (javaw.exe) launch and die.

I found out that it was the default 'temp' (or tmp) directory that was preventing Oracle Universal Installer to launch.

On this particular machine, the default setting is :

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp

which is expanded to (+ oracle path) :

C:\Documents and Settings\matr1x!\Local Settings\Temp\OraInstall2010-05-11_10-08-17AM\jre\bin

I've replaced TEMP and TMP environment variable value by 'c:\temp' and I was able to launch the Oracle Installer and perform the installation.
(using C:\Install\Oracle\client 9i\92010NT_Disk1\install\win32\setup.exe,
C:\Install\Oracle\client 9i\92010NT_Disk1\setup.exe still wasn't working)


SK said…
Was it the system variable or the User variable that you mentioned you have changed
Manson Thomas said…
Both TMP and TEMP user variables.
Unknown said…
Thanks a lot, solve my problem that I spent 3 days trying to solve and only your solution works.
Anonymous said…
8 years later and your solution helped me install Oracle Client 11 in a corporate Win7 machine. Thank you very much.
Unknown said…
I have facing the same issue from one month, thanks for valuable knowledge sharing... thanks lot..

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